Cizzy Bridal

Cizzy Bridal - Wedding Collection

Cizzy Bridal's enthusiasm for fashion resulted in the launch of their exquisite ready-to-wear collection as well as offering unique custom made-to-measure designs ensuring a one-stop sourcing experience for our clients.

Summer 2015 collection


             Style CZ2288                                  Style CZ3026                               Style CZ3027


              Style CZ3028                                Style CZ3029                                Style CZ3030


              Style CZ3030                                Style CZ3032                                Style CZ3035


             Style CZ3036                                Style CZ3038                                Style CZ3040

Winter 2014 Collection


                Style CZ2229                                Style CZ2250                                        Style CZ2252


                Style CZ2255                                Style CZ2261                                 Style CZ2262


               Style CZ2262                                Style CZ2272                                Style NF339

Summer 2014 Collection


              Style CZ2234                                 Style CZ2235                               Style CZ2236


                Style CZ2239                                   Style CZ2240                              Style CZ2241


             Style CZ2244                                  Style CZ3013                                 Style CZ3014


                Style CZ3023                                 Style CZ2242                                  Style CZ2246

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