Nicolina Bridal - Wedding Collection

Established in 1995, Nicolina is one of the leading ready-to-wear and made-to-order bridal labels in Australia. Nicolina creates wedding gowns that epitomises glamour and chic as well as clean, feminine and contemporary silhouettes. The current range showcases delicate laces over vintage colours such as mushroom, almond, pastel and muted shades of sumptuous silks, exquisite beading with the unmistakable sparkle of Swarovski. The amazing structure of each gown features a complementing form in both lace-up and zip backs. Most importantly, these gowns are available to you at a very affordable price.


                  BJK-7806                                        BJK-10870                                  BJK-12877                                                              


                   BJK-8265                                     NB-11811                                          NB-8205     


                 NB-12246                                      NB-12866                                         NB-9288


                   NB-9279                                                        E-9260L                                        NB-8212


                  NB-10256R                                      NB-11819                                   NB-10803      

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